Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm just a bad bad blogger

Hello everyone.

Well I'm not very good at this blogging. Only just started and I fell off the wagon. Its been a whole month since I last posted anything!! So I thought I better just type something, a catch up if you like, even if it ends up being garbled rubbish he he.

My excuse first of all is the summer holidays. Having the kids to entertain leaves very little time for blogging. Just getting my head around twitter so have been spending time on there too. As well as my usual Folksy spending.

We have 6 more sleeps till our holiday too. Which we are all excited about. Maybe, in the future, I'll blog about what a personal milestone this holiday really is. Just maybe, when I get to know you all a little better.

I haven't forgotten about T52MMMC either. I have done a few crafty bits. Today included! Very proud to say I made some earrings and a bracelet. When The kiddiwinks return to school I'll do a big T52MMMC blog with pics :).

So a further round up in words of the summer holidays so far is:

Cooker broken, new cooker, illness for us all, kids at grandparents for 1 whole week, 1 week of freedom for mummy, new haircut, lots of Folksy buying, birthday party, trips to seaside, book club set up, curry night, dinner party arrangements, cheesecake recipe sourcing, lots of book reading, uniform and shoe buying (so expensive), clothes buying, visiting parents, parents announced new move, penpal searching (today) and all the other usual summer chaos of days out/in with a 7 and 4 year old.

Also will do blog posts about the fantastic goodies I received from WhimsicalWren (100th sale) and Trinket Box (giveaway winner). - apologies to these 2 lovely ladies for not doing one yet.

Next post will be after my hols unless I sneak another one in. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone. Bye for now.

Michelle xx