Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Monday, 5 December 2011


Wanted to share with you this fabulous necklace I won on Pretty Beautiful Designs Blog Giveaway. It came presented in a lovely black box.

Gorgeous isn't it. You can find more of her beautiful jewellery in her Etsy shop.

Thank you so much Maria

Michelle xx

Friday, 25 November 2011


Hi everyone. Shameless plug but I wanted to let you all know that ALL my vintage dressmaking patterns have been reduced to just $2 in my little Etsy shop

Plus if you use MISH73 at checkout you will receive 15% off your order (before p&p). That is off any order, including the already reduced patterns!!!!!

So get yourself on over to my shop and have a peek, lol, its a must.

Bye for now. Shameless plugging over ;)

Michelle xx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Art Class

Well today I ventured to my first art class since I left school over 20 years ago. I really loved it. Complete selfish adult time. Here is a pic of my creation. I know nothing special. but it is to me :

Cannot wait to show the kiddiwinks later! They found it highly amusing that Mummy was off to art class.

Take care

Michelle xx

Monday, 31 October 2011

Last day of Blogtoberfest and other challenges

Well I did it, yay!!!
Blogged everyday throughout October for the Blogtoberfest challenge.
Listed an item a day in my Etsy shop for the Crafty Folk daily listing challenge.
Sold 10 items (target was 5) in my Etsy shop for Apron Thrift Girl Resellers challenge.

Really pleased with myself, all the team members of Crafty Folk and other bloggers who have helped me along the way.

Well normal blogging will now resume, but I am joining the Crafty Folk daily listing team for November as it has proved to be very successful.

Hope all are well.

Michelle xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hi everyone. Well we all had a fantastic day for my daughters 6th birthday yesterday!! Now we are away for the weekend to make the most of the half term that is left.

So like most of my posts this is short and sweet as we need to get going.

Will be back tomorrow evening.

Take care everyone and be safe.

Michelle xx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my little angel Emilys 6th Birthday. So, I will be back tomorrow.

Love you to the moon and back Emily

Mummy xxxx

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Busy Bee

So so busy!! Been away for a couple of days and its my daughters Birthday tomorrow. So just no time to say very much.

Hope everyone is well and will try to blog better soon ;)

Take care

Michelle xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ATG's Resellers Listing Challenge - Week 4 and other challenges

Hi, well its come around to Tuesday again where I'm sharing about my challenges.

Pleased to report that I'm all on target with everything (listing, sales and blogging). Yay, so have given myself a nice big pat on the back he he.

Hope you are all ticking those things off your to do lists :)

Take Care peeps.

Michelle xx

P.S. You can check out how others are doing on Apron Thrift Girls Blog later today x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Goodies Found

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share a few of the goodies that I've found in the past week. Hope you have all found some nice things to make you smile.

Linking up with Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures

Michelle x

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Think the lurgy has gone

Well my little girl is a lot better, so alls good for this half-term week, yay. Its her birthday this week too, so we are looking forward to having the family around. Especially as we all now live much closer together:). So my thoughts are turning to party food. Emily doesn't mind as long as there are little sausages and strawberries!! The strawberries will be her cake (in the form of a strawberry mountain) complete with candles as she doesn't like real cake. I know how can you not like cake lol. So off to make another list, yes I'm obsessed with lists.

Catch you all later.

Michelle xx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Snot and Sick!!!

Sorry everyone but think this will be my shortist post yet. Unfortunately, I had to collect my little girl from school yesterday as she was ill. So don't have as much time today. Will be back on Saturday fingers crossed she picks up.

This still counts as a post for Blogtoberfest right? He he

Take care

Michelle x

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Hi everyone, well I've finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for my Etsy shop mish73. Yay for me lol. Would love it if you could increase my fans (at the moment its just little old me as the one and only fan). Think my blog updates are getting shorter and shorter as the month of October goes on!!

Mmmm wonder what I can rabble on about tomorrow!!

Thanks for your help

Michelle xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

ATG's Resellers Listing Challenge - Week 3

Well I am one happy bunny. Still on target with listing every day of October, yay. But, the best bit is that I have exceeded my sales target of 5 for the whole of October. My sales so far this month are 8. I am so pleased :).

I think a number of factors are involved in my selling success. The main one being part of the Crafty Folk team on Etsy. As part of the daily listing challenge we promote each other daily(in which ever way suits us best), hence more exposure for my little shop resulting in the increase in sales!! So a big big thank you to my team mates for all their hard work.

From a much happier Michelle xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Charity Shop Finds

Hi everyone, hope the weekend treated you well. In a much better mind set this week. So I thought I would show you some of the goodies I found last week whilst on my travels.

Thanks for reading :)

Michelle xx

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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday - Proud

So proud of my son. Six weeks at his new school and yesterday he received 2 awards in assembly. Pupil of the Week and Handwriting Award. So pleased for him. He cannot stop smiling and neither can I. Not sure his little sis was as pleased lol.

Sorry for the gushing Mum post but its been such a big deal for both the kids starting a new school in a different part of the country (Lincoln to Durham). I should remember my kids will always stop me feeling glum. What a difference a couple of days make in my mood.

Michelle xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday and still going just

Just when I was feeling all bleurgh this week (can't pinpoint why) a lovely lady made 3 purchases in my little Etsy shop yesterday. Which perked me up no end. So a big thank you to Dawn :). Plus another sale came in from Denmark!

Perhaps its the weather, the constant drizzle and lack of proper daylight! Don't know really. But the sales have given me the smile I needed. To keep hold of this I thought I would sign up for the School Christmas Fair and make some handmade goodies. Need some pennies for the Santa Fund. This will hopefully give me the kick up the backside I need to get my mojo going. I know some will think this is pressure I perhaps don't need, but for me I believe it will help.

What do you find helps you when feeling BLEURGH?

Michelle xx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Crafty Folk - Some of more of my fav goodies

Hi everyone, I'm still managing on all three of my challenges and am really quite chuffed with myself.

Today I want to share more of my team mates goodies from Crafty Folk peeps on Etsy. There really are so many nice things to choose from. Don't forget Christmas is round the corner and you could find some fab unique gifts. So less of the sales pitch lol, here they are:

Featured Sellers are:
Top Left - RenaisyDaisyDesigns
Top Right - moodycowdesigns
Bottom Left - BlackFridayStudios
Bottom Right - teabreaks

Thanks for reading

Michelle xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

ATG's Resellers Listing Challenge - Week 2

Hello everyone. Well I'm at week 2 for one of my challenges and I'm all on target. Listed 1 item a day in my Etsy shop (sometimes more) and made 3 sales so far (target is 5). So I'm a happy girlie :).

Short and sweet today.

Michelle x

Monday, 10 October 2011

My Weeks Finds - Blogtoberfest Day 10!!

Hi everyone, hope this Monday finds you all well. Today I have some pics of some of the goodies I've found on my trips out this past week. No doubt some I will keep and others will find their way into my little vintagLinke Etsy shop. Enjoy :)

Linking up with Apron Thrift Girls - Thrift Share Monday and Her Library Adventures - Flea Market Finds

Take care.

Michelle xx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

"We read to know we are not alone" C S Lewis

Well yesterday my new (well secondhand) reading chair arrived. Isn't he a beaut! I love him, I know he's a bit old fashioned and may get him recovered in the future, but for now he is part of my little reading corner.

Michelle xx

Friday, 7 October 2011

A-Z Totally stolen idea I know!

Well I've seen this on a few blog posts now and thought I would use the theme too. So you may get to know me a little better. So here goes!!!

A - Age - 37 so we will move on quickly :).

B - Bed size - Just a normal double which is quite enough for me on my lonesome or to share with the kiddiwinks occassionally when they sneak in lol

C - Chores you hate - Most of them really. Cannot see what to like about any of them!

D - Dogs - Not at the moment but I have agreed to a puppy when my parents dog has a litter (hopefully some time next year). Secretly very excited about this as are the kiddiwinks, a cute Jack Russell puppy yay.

E - Essential start to your day - Is a couple of mugs of coffee.

F - Favorite colour - Have a thing for purple. Started as a child when I used to call it 'people' colour. Obviously couldn't manage to say purple. Mum says I insisted on a room being painted purple (hey it was the 70s) which I used to sit in. Since discovered that I penchant for purple can indicate psychotic tendencies, so watch out he he.

G - Gold or silver - Definately silver although I do like white gold too. I buy a lot of jewellery but don't wear much as I forget to put it on. Like a little magpie me.

H - Height - Well you'll laugh at this one as I'm am tiny. Only 4'10" ha ha.

I - Instruments you play - None, like everyone else I played recorder at school. but my talent never progressed to violin or guitar!! Would love to play the piano though. My fingers are too short and stubby I think.

J - Job title - Looking for a new one at the moment as we have just moved. Enjoying having a go at selling vintage on Etsy while I'm looking.

K - Kids - Well I have 2 gorgeous kiddiwinks. Conor who is 8 and Emily who is nearly 6. Don't know where the time has gone. They are growing up fast and have an answer for everything!

L - Live - Just moved up to County Durham and loving it :)

M - Mother's name - It's Elaine (a name she hates) and I'm very happy as we now live much closer and can spend more time together.

N - Nickname - Family tend to call me Shell (Michelle if I'm in trouble). Some use Mish hence my shop mish73. My Auntie used to call me Mickey which I absolutely blooming hated!!

O - Overnight hospital stays - Appendix, Adenoids and both kiddiwinks by c-section. Cannot remember any more, thankfully.

P - Pet Peeves - Lateness drives me up the wall. I hate to be late and therefore never am and cannot understand how anyone else would be. Ok rant over.

Q - Quote from a film - "They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God." (Elwood Blues Brothers). Love that film, makes me laugh every time. Could give you a whole list of quotes from that film alone.

R - Right or left handed - Right

S - Siblings - Sister Helen and Brother Richard. I'm the smallest and eldest.

T - Time you wake up - Generally between 6 and 7.

U - Underwear - Good old M & S :).

V - Vegetable you hate - Don't mind any now but it would never be my first choice. But growing up I would only eat cooked peas and potatoes (not sure if it counts as a veg). The rest I would only eat raw. Stopped eating cooked veg when I started Primary school and a kindly dinner lady forced me to eat a big plate of swede!!!! Still remember it now.

W - What makes you run late - NOTHING - see pet peeves.

X - X-rays you've had - Cannot remember.

Y - Yummy food you make - Banana cake which is fab and make a mean Shepherds Pie which the kiddiwinks love.

Z - Zoo animal - Mmm if I had to choose it would be chimpanzees.

Well you may have learnt a little about me today. Hopefully not enough to stop you following lol.

Wow I made it to day 7 of Blogtoberfest too!

Enjoy your day everyone.

Michelle xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Crafty Folk - Such Talent

As I've mentioned before I am part of the Crafty Folk team on Etsy and am taking part in the daily listing challenge. I just wanted to showcase some of the talented peeps that are taking part too. It was so hard to choose just a few goodies. But here are some of my favs (only a few of them mind :)

Featured sellers are:
Top left - Tickledpinksheep
Top right - missbohemia
Bottom left - bluedaisyglass - SOLD!! more fab glass in her shop
Bottom right - lillysnightgarden

Hope you like :)

Michelle xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Jumble Sale Finds

Yesterday went on a little trip to the Salvation Army Jumble Sale. Not many things for sale but I thought I'd share with you my finds. Some of these will no doubt appear in my Etsy shop.

Don't you just love a good rummage around, I do!!

Michelle xx

Linking this post to ATG's Thrift Share Monday

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

ATG's Resellers Listing Challenge

Well I've gone and done it again, joined up to another challenge Call me mad, crazy whatever you like but I'm just trying to keep my mojo going with blogging and my little Etsy shop. So this challenge is hosted by Apron Thrift Girl who has a fab blog (check it out). The aim is to list up to October 31st and set yourself goals. Read more about it by clicking the blog button below as it will make more sense than my babblings :).

My goal this month is to list 1 item every day in my Etsy shop. So far I have sold one item and my goal would be to sell 4 more this month. You can find all the goodies I resell by clicking on my shop link mish73 in the sidebar.

See you all tomorrow I hope

Michelle xx