Tuesday, 18 October 2011

ATG's Resellers Listing Challenge - Week 3

Well I am one happy bunny. Still on target with listing every day of October, yay. But, the best bit is that I have exceeded my sales target of 5 for the whole of October. My sales so far this month are 8. I am so pleased :).

I think a number of factors are involved in my selling success. The main one being part of the Crafty Folk team on Etsy. As part of the daily listing challenge we promote each other daily(in which ever way suits us best), hence more exposure for my little shop resulting in the increase in sales!! So a big big thank you to my team mates for all their hard work.

From a much happier Michelle xx


  1. That is so awesome, glad to hear that things are going so well for you with Etsy.

  2. well done on exceeding your target....I think sharing the load on the marketing front is such a good idea and definitely seems to work,especially in the huge marketplace that is Etsy!!
    Trish x

  3. it's working for me too. I've sold in one month more than an entire year almost. My sales figures are mostly trades!Don't be fooled!