Friday, 7 October 2011

A-Z Totally stolen idea I know!

Well I've seen this on a few blog posts now and thought I would use the theme too. So you may get to know me a little better. So here goes!!!

A - Age - 37 so we will move on quickly :).

B - Bed size - Just a normal double which is quite enough for me on my lonesome or to share with the kiddiwinks occassionally when they sneak in lol

C - Chores you hate - Most of them really. Cannot see what to like about any of them!

D - Dogs - Not at the moment but I have agreed to a puppy when my parents dog has a litter (hopefully some time next year). Secretly very excited about this as are the kiddiwinks, a cute Jack Russell puppy yay.

E - Essential start to your day - Is a couple of mugs of coffee.

F - Favorite colour - Have a thing for purple. Started as a child when I used to call it 'people' colour. Obviously couldn't manage to say purple. Mum says I insisted on a room being painted purple (hey it was the 70s) which I used to sit in. Since discovered that I penchant for purple can indicate psychotic tendencies, so watch out he he.

G - Gold or silver - Definately silver although I do like white gold too. I buy a lot of jewellery but don't wear much as I forget to put it on. Like a little magpie me.

H - Height - Well you'll laugh at this one as I'm am tiny. Only 4'10" ha ha.

I - Instruments you play - None, like everyone else I played recorder at school. but my talent never progressed to violin or guitar!! Would love to play the piano though. My fingers are too short and stubby I think.

J - Job title - Looking for a new one at the moment as we have just moved. Enjoying having a go at selling vintage on Etsy while I'm looking.

K - Kids - Well I have 2 gorgeous kiddiwinks. Conor who is 8 and Emily who is nearly 6. Don't know where the time has gone. They are growing up fast and have an answer for everything!

L - Live - Just moved up to County Durham and loving it :)

M - Mother's name - It's Elaine (a name she hates) and I'm very happy as we now live much closer and can spend more time together.

N - Nickname - Family tend to call me Shell (Michelle if I'm in trouble). Some use Mish hence my shop mish73. My Auntie used to call me Mickey which I absolutely blooming hated!!

O - Overnight hospital stays - Appendix, Adenoids and both kiddiwinks by c-section. Cannot remember any more, thankfully.

P - Pet Peeves - Lateness drives me up the wall. I hate to be late and therefore never am and cannot understand how anyone else would be. Ok rant over.

Q - Quote from a film - "They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God." (Elwood Blues Brothers). Love that film, makes me laugh every time. Could give you a whole list of quotes from that film alone.

R - Right or left handed - Right

S - Siblings - Sister Helen and Brother Richard. I'm the smallest and eldest.

T - Time you wake up - Generally between 6 and 7.

U - Underwear - Good old M & S :).

V - Vegetable you hate - Don't mind any now but it would never be my first choice. But growing up I would only eat cooked peas and potatoes (not sure if it counts as a veg). The rest I would only eat raw. Stopped eating cooked veg when I started Primary school and a kindly dinner lady forced me to eat a big plate of swede!!!! Still remember it now.

W - What makes you run late - NOTHING - see pet peeves.

X - X-rays you've had - Cannot remember.

Y - Yummy food you make - Banana cake which is fab and make a mean Shepherds Pie which the kiddiwinks love.

Z - Zoo animal - Mmm if I had to choose it would be chimpanzees.

Well you may have learnt a little about me today. Hopefully not enough to stop you following lol.

Wow I made it to day 7 of Blogtoberfest too!

Enjoy your day everyone.

Michelle xx


  1. Sweet :-) I would love to taste your shepards pie, I looove shepards pie!

  2. I'm with you on the pet peeves. I would rather be half and hour early and read my book. unfortunately my boys would rather be on the other end of the spectrum!

  3. Ha Ha....made me smile. Lovely idea....I haven't read another A-Z Blog so may also pinch the idea since I can never think of anything to blog about!!!
    Pat :)

  4. Great blog, what an amazing idea..

  5. This is great :) I already have a post lined up for today which is about getting to know me, but I might have a go at doing this one next week, looks like fun!
    TopFloorT x

  6. great blog post .......what a great idea,can see a few of us pinching it!!! I am with you on pet peeves ....never understand how anyone is is very rude:)
    Trish xx

  7. Ohh this is fun-I might do one too :)

  8. Great reading Mish and well done keeping up with the blogging (see I have fallen by the wayside yet again). Look forward to reading others too.

    I still cant get over the Swede bit, horrid stuff in small quantities, YUK.

    Lynda x

  9. Fantastic blog Mish! It really made me smile and I think I'll be pinching it too! Great to get to you a bit more about you and exciting news about the puppy!

  10. Glad everyone has enjoyed this one. It was fun :) x

  11. Great blog post Mish and nice to know more about you :-) I'm impressed with your once a day blogging! Lol I recognised the Blues Brothers quote - it's one of my favs too.

    Jen x

  12. What a great idea for a blog post ....... I'm so excited.... finally found someone other than a child that is shorter than me. I'm 4' 11" ..... woohoo!! Love it.

  13. Love reading things like this! I'm going to steal it too if you don't mind! Oh, lateness is one thing I hate too:)