Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 2 and what to say!!!

Hi everyone. Well this is what happens with me, have loads going on and still struggle to find something to type. I'm just blooming rubbish lol!

Had a fab day yesterday with the kiddiwinks in the park although I do find this weather a little weird for this time of year. Fish and chips for tea so I didn't have to cook. Oh did I mention I was lazy too ha ha.

Finally starting to feel like the new house is home and everything seems to have found a place despite me having no bedroom furniture! Although that is way down the list on things to buy with the dreaded C around the corner.

Listed for the 2nd day in a row in the Crafty Folk team (woohoo get me). Come take a look as there may be something that takes your fancy or why don't you join in and try the challenge yourself. We are a friendly lot!

Blagged my way through today, phew. must try harder. Would be much easier if you all popped round for a cuppa and then you wouldn't be able to shut me up :).

See you all tomorrow.

Michelle xx


  1. Hi Michelle
    From another member of the Craftyfolk on Etsy. I know how you feel, always struggling what to waffle on about on the old blog, but keep at it.

    Lynda x

  2. Hi Michelle, found your blog on Blogtoberfest ..... keep going ..... I love your honesty .... I find that often we think what we write is dribble but others like to read about the different things in other people's lives. Good Luck with the challenge.

  3. Well done keep going,. I found it hard to blog at first, but now I can't shut up, I don't get on well with esty but sounds like you have fun there so all the best

  4. Thank you peeps for all your encouragement :) x

  5. Didn't realise you had a blog. Off to have a browse at this octoberfest thing - yes i know i've confused it with the beer thing but couldn't be bothered to respell it. Would have been quicker though!

  6. Great idea, must remember next time round.