Monday, 7 March 2016

Five under £5 for March

Well I came across five for under £5 over at Rainbeaubelle in February and never got around to joining in!!  I think the title speaks for itself and this month I was determined to take part.  I loved reading all the blogs that linked up last month and I can't resist a bargain.  So here goes for March.

First up is a nail polish.  I was on the look out for a new nude (hard to tell the colour from the pic) and found this Revlon (Pale Cashmere) one in Poundland for you guessed it a £1 ;).  

Next is another nail item.  This has been purchased as an incentive/encouragement for my daughter to stop biting her nails.  I agreed in February with her that for each month she doesn't chew I will reward with a treat.  So these are some nail art brushes that we can have a play with in the Easter hols.  Again from Poundland!!

I adore vintage and in fact used to have my own little vintage shop on Etsy.  So couldn't resist this gorgeous Kiln Craft mug when I spotted it in a charity shop for an amazing 50p.  Was a very happy bunny that day.

This is one I am saving to go towards a little Easter bundle I put together for the kiddiwinks.  I don't like just buying chocolate.  So I gift a few other treats too.  My daughter adores strawberries and loves fruity shower gels.  So this Strawberry one from Carex will be perfect and only cost 99p from Home Bargains.  Love that shop.

Finally, we have a magazine I purchased (because I forgot my book and had some waiting time).  I have resisted buying any magazines for a while now as I was spending too much money on them and sometimes never got around to reading them.  However, this one was only £2 and included a mini tube of radiance face mask from Balance Me.  So I don't feel too guilty!

Was fab joining in this month and intend on doing so every month (fingers crossed).  Don't forget to check out the fabulous Rainbeaubelle, all the other bloggers who have joined in this month and maybe you could join in too.  There are some fab buys and some canny shoppers.  Let me know of any bargains you have discovered lately.

Michelle x