Monday, 31 October 2011

Last day of Blogtoberfest and other challenges

Well I did it, yay!!!
Blogged everyday throughout October for the Blogtoberfest challenge.
Listed an item a day in my Etsy shop for the Crafty Folk daily listing challenge.
Sold 10 items (target was 5) in my Etsy shop for Apron Thrift Girl Resellers challenge.

Really pleased with myself, all the team members of Crafty Folk and other bloggers who have helped me along the way.

Well normal blogging will now resume, but I am joining the Crafty Folk daily listing team for November as it has proved to be very successful.

Hope all are well.

Michelle xx


  1. Fantastic Michelle, that's wonderful .... I did it to .... I have loved Blogtoberfest ... especially for all the blogs and new people that I have me. Good luck with your endeavours and your etsy shop. I'll be popping in to read your blogs you can be sure of that.

  2. Congrats on successfully blogging everyday for the month of October and for reaching your targets. I look forward to seeing more goodies in your shop for November.