Saturday, 22 October 2011

Think the lurgy has gone

Well my little girl is a lot better, so alls good for this half-term week, yay. Its her birthday this week too, so we are looking forward to having the family around. Especially as we all now live much closer together:). So my thoughts are turning to party food. Emily doesn't mind as long as there are little sausages and strawberries!! The strawberries will be her cake (in the form of a strawberry mountain) complete with candles as she doesn't like real cake. I know how can you not like cake lol. So off to make another list, yes I'm obsessed with lists.

Catch you all later.

Michelle xx


  1. GTlad to hear your daughter is feeling better today. My T didn't go to school y'day and is still gently snoring away upstairs. An indoor day today I reckon.
    Lisa x

  2. Oooh strawberries, so jealous.

    Glad your little one is better

    Lynda x