Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Etiquette - expectations of social behaviour

Dilemma number one this week is that I've been invited to my 1st dinner party! What to wear? What gift to take? etc etc. You may laugh but this is causing sleepless nights. Any suggestions will be welcome at this point. Jewellery and handbag are not a problem after all my recent Folksy purchases lol (will takes some pics of the Folksy items I choose). So I need to find something to wear and whether to take a gift. HELP PLEASE as I really have no idea. Since taking a career break to spend time with the kiddiwinks I just live in jeans!!

2nd dilemma this week is how I'm going to feature some of my Folksy purchases on my blog. Will need to dig out the camera first! What is the procedure about featuring sellers? What permissions do I need to ask? This one I know for sure you can help me out with. So before I take the pictures and include them on my blog will you point me in the right direction please. Better get practising with those pics (not sure where the camera is but I'll find it, under all my recent purchases no doubt lol).

Thank you all in anticipation of your help in these matters. Loving this blogging malarky as it helps get things off your mind. Bye for now. Will be keeping a close eye on any replies!!

P.S. Thank you for all your concerns regarding Emily's cheeky pox. She is still spotty, fed up and currently arguing with her brother Conor!!!

Michelle xx


  1. Good morning! They are now your items, so I would imagine you can do what ever you like with them, when I feature other sellers, I am featuring items still in their shop, so that is a little different.

    I always just pop a quick email through Folksy to the seller to let them know I am going to feature their item and link back to their shop and ask if they are happy to have this done, never had anyone say they do not want to be featured. In the Loons I do it retrospectively, as we have already agreed to promote each other, but just so they know and can take a peek.

    As to the pictures, you could utilise the pic from folksy or take your own, but if you use the sellers pic, I would let them know you are going to do this. You are welcome to use any of my pictures, or take your own, you have been so marvelous, I can't imagine anyone not agreeing in a likewise manner.

    Phew! That was full on, sorry!

    Right fun stuff, dinner invitation, if they drink, I usually take a bottle of wine, if not flowers, depending on how formal the occasion, if its my mates, I offer to bring desert or something similar.

    Sounds like it might be posh though from reading your blog, so I would go classic, not too fully committed clothing wise either way, so no matter what, you will fit in, and beautiful jewellery is key in any situation, although dusting of the tiara might not be necessary. LOL.

    Love Natalie x

  2. Hi, you don't say who the dinner party is with, but if it is friends I would say a nice summery dress if you have one and take some flowers for the hostess and some drink.

    Most people love to be featured with their items, so as you are planning to do it in a few days I would mail them through Folksy and let them know you are going to feature them. If they don't want to be, it gives them time to come back to you.

    Look forward to seeing your feature.

  3. I always take flowers and a bottle of wine ,remember you won't enjoy the dinner party if you are not comfortable,so maybe bling up a summery dress with some fab jewellery and enjoy!!

    You are more than welcome to use the photos from my shop of the items you have bought .

    I love the look of your blog ...and you are right it is like having an online journal ,a place to clear out your mind ...have fun !!!!
    trish xx

  4. Hello! Just testing my new-found commenting powers (long story)!

    A summery dress is a good suggestion, plus flowers/wine/box of chocs - given the weather we've been having lately, and feel free to post pics from my shop on your blog, that's not a problem at all!

    Lisa x

  5. I like to take flowers, but the last time I had one, my friend brought a bar of hand made lavender soap from Greece! (She knows I'm soap mad, i have just started making it)
    Have fun at the dinner party!

  6. Thank you everyone. Looks like I need to go shopping!!

  7. Wine & flowers ALWAYS winners in my book!

    And in this weather, totally gotta be a summery floaty frock, not too formal.

    And as for the piccies of your purchases, I don't mind you using mine and I'm sure most of the Folksiers won't either x

  8. Or for a cheaper and more personal idea, Michelle, you could take a lovely bunch of flowers that you've hand picked from your own garden - if that's an option! I love cottage garden flowers and I've always got a little posy on my coffee table.

    Looking forward to hearing about your family life - and your Folksy sales!


  9. Well done you for starting up a blog. Blimey I see already you have many a follower. I think you have been given sound advise on the items front.
    I am with Moody Cow about the wine and flowers and the most important thing is to enjoy it.
    I am smiling about those cheeky pox. Hope your Emily (I have one too) is feeling better,
    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Rachael x

  10. Ah ha, I have just read about your challenge. Good luck. I am looking forward to reading about your experiences.
    Rachael x