Saturday, 10 July 2010

Failure and Success

Well I did make a keyring yesterday for week 2 of T52MMMC but I'm really not happy with it. As my old textile teacher would have said "you must try harder". Started off so well, used some old offcuts of jeans (very green I know), one of my new buttons from Mushy Makes, ribbon from Patch and even recycled the keyring itself. Had a vision in my head of the finished product (note to self to live in reality more). However, when you have not used a sewing machine (yes I bought a new one of those and its lush) for such a long time I think more practice is required. So I will not be handing over the said keyring to my friend as I would be too embarrassed. So back to the drawing board!! I have included a pic of the keyring to give you proper crafters a giggle.

Not all was lost yesterday though. Attended my son's school summer fair which was fab. My daughter, plus her friend, son and of course me all enjoyed ourselves. Even managed to buy some crafty stuff for me to try out. Will keep you posted if any of the makes are semi-successful.

Twitter, yes I joined. Not sure I get it though. Think I need to keep at it and I may start to enjoy it. Any twittering/tweeting tips would be appreciated. As would some followers as I'm looking decidedly unloved on there he he.

The banana cake I made earlier in the week got me motivated to do more baking. Made a ginger cake (I know not appropriate for this time of year but hey ho) on Thursday and it is yum even if I do say so myself. Will be bigging up anything successful after the keyring disaster! Even had it for breakfast this morning. Bad example I know but it is the weekend.

I can see I'm rambling again! In one of those moods. But must get on. Have a fabulous weekend everyone. Just off to check Folksy before I log off lol.

Michelle x


  1. I love your key ring Michelle.

    I always say to people who come to have jewellery making lessons that they never make anything incorrectly - they just create unique designs that they didn't originally have in mind.

    I am sure your friend would love it, especially if she knows how much thought you have put into it.

    Great blog - I love cake too. Any Ginger cake left???

    Jacqueline x

  2. I think you did a good job on your keyring! I am following uo on Twitter, I love it there!

  3. Yeah, I think it's fine! Your friend will love the time and effort you've put into it!

    You'll be making and selling stuff on Folksy sooner than you know it...!

  4. Nah will never be selling but just liking the trying at the moment x Thanks for the comments everyone x

  5. Michelle, I never know how my knitted and crocheted items are going to come out, one persons mistake is another persons masterpiece. When there is love and personal effort put into a piece, it will turn out exactly how it is meant to be. I'm sure your friend will love it because it comes from you!

    Natalie x

  6. The key ring looks great! And you have reused materials which is even better :)

    The cake in your previous post looks delicious. Why don't you try making some blueberry muffins. They are super sweet now that they are in season.

    Lizzet xx

  7. Yippee we inspired you! the recycling...and as my Dad always says we only learn from our mistakes!...up and onwards can't wait to see your shop ;) xx