Monday, 12 July 2010

Week 2 of T52MMMC - Phew I made it

Well I blogged before about my keyring disaster and despite your lovely comments I decided not to gift it to my friend. Two further disasters later, which I will not be showing pictures of as they are worse than the 1st attempt, I have a keyring I am happy to pass on. So creative try no 4 is shown in my pictures. I know I know the pics aren't very good but I am smiling here as I am chuffed with my efforts. Hope my friend is too!!

Thank you all for the support and I'm off now to try and put a picture on flickr lol.
Michelle x


  1. This looks great Michele! Well done! :)

  2. Michele it's really lovely. Your friend will love it:)

  3. Michelle, well done you. It looks fab.
    I bet you are really proud of yourself.
    Have fun,
    Rachael xx

  4. Fandabedozy and my Dad would say!

    I ams sure she will love it, and I am also sure she would have loved your first creation.

    You'll be making them for teacher's gifts next!

    Natalie x

  5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Gifted to my friend today and she was really pleased and gave me a big hug. Onto week 3 next!

  6. I am loving this one a week..we all started somewhere..well done Michelle...what you making next week? The fact that you made your friend a gift means so much. xx

  7. next week is custom gift tags for teachers presents x

  8. well done! your keyring is awesome so good job on not giving up!

    if you want a laugh, have a look at the very first embroidered notebook i made just before i joined folksy to start selling them...

    :) fiona t