Thursday, 14 October 2010

Body Beautiful...........

Many of you may not know that I gave up smoking on the 29th January this year (yes I am boasting). Which in turn has freed up loads of extra cash which I have been ploughing into some new purchases (ask some of those Folksy sellers lol) and a summer holiday!! However, it is true that sometimes when you give up smoking the weight creeps up. Unfortunately, this is true for me :(. So, I have gone and invested some of my extra funds into joining a gym. For which I am determined to use and change shape. So I will probably bore most of you when I do a little blog every now and then on my progression. But I am thinking it will be like a little health diary for me and it may help! The picture above is my goal. However, I may be deluding myself 2 c-sections later!!

Since I joined on Friday I have been 3 times (cannot go weekends as this is my time with the kiddiwinks). Which I don't think is bad, so a big public pat on the back for me he he :).

Promise I won't post about my gym adventures everyday. Take care everyone.

Michelle xx
P.S. If anyone has a fully loaded music player to help me along my journey it would be appreciated ha ha xx


  1. Good luck with the gym. I've been going consistently since April now and I am so much fitter. They say that if you go 20 times it becomes a routine and it's true. I now hate it when I can't go. I have gone from being lard ass to someone who can run 5k comfortably in 35 mins.

    I too used to smoke and gave up a few years ago. My tip is don't count the days since you quit, just let it pass you by. All these years later I still can't go out drinking otherwise I'm tempted so I say in (saves me money and from putting on more weight due to alcohol). :-)

  2. Hi Misch. Loing your blog. A good read.

    Wenona aka Marians Art