Sunday, 3 October 2010

My giveaway wins 1st instalment

Hello again .... As the title intimated this will be the 1st instalment of my giveaway wins, as yes really I have won a few. Very lucky I know. First I would like to apologise to everyone included in these giveaway blogs for it taking me so long to make a public thank you for all the fab goodies I have received. (I have thanked each person privately because really I'm not that rude).

So in no particular order. First is The Whimsical Wren who sent me some fab goodies for being her 100th customer as well as refunded the cost of my purchase. Wow I know I was so lucky. Well not really lucky because as soon as I read about her generous offer I whizzed over to her shop as fast as lightening to make sure I was number 100 he he. Here's a few pics showing off my goodies (apologies for the quality Jennie). Don't forget to click on the link to be taken to her fabulous shop. You will not regret it :).

As I say my pictures really don't do justice to the yummy goods that I received from Jennie and yes the eclairs have all gone. Jennie has already passed sale number 200(yes I am that late in blogging about it) and she'll be at sale number 300 before we know it!!

Next up will be Dottie Designs but you will just have to wait and see the pics of the beautiful gift I received.

Thank you everyone for reading and I'll be back ha ha

Michelle xx


  1. Fab goodies! And there'snothing wrong with creating your own luck!

  2. Ooh, you are lucky! They look gorgeous.