Monday, 11 October 2010

The week gone and T52MMMC

This week has gone so fast. But then again I feel like this every week!

My youngest Emily has settled in school nicely and everyday talk is either about school or her upcoming birthday (28 October). Thankfully, she is very well behaved at school (not so much at home) and loves to regail tales of naughtiness by some of her classmates.

I'm all sorted on the birthday front. Party organised, invites sent and purchased the last of her presents this week. I'm pleased to say that nearly all the presents are handmade this year. Mainly purchased from my favourite place Folksy. Hope she likes them. Will let you know!

Also managed to make something new for T52MMMC. This time I made a button heart. Which is being saved to be included in a gift basket I am putting together for a friends 30th birthday. Again my pictures are never great (see at the top of page) but I am pleased with the result.

I'm also rather pleased with another of my recent purchases. A special mug just for me to use while the kiddiwinks are at school. Its a beautiful Cath Kidston mug. It is such a pleasure to use and it came in its very own little tin. Think I'll use the tin for a special stash of biccies just for me :)

I was also very lucky to be Lonely Hearts 50th sale on Folksy. For which she generously gave me a £5 discount in her shop. There was no hesitation here I knew exactly what I wanted. This bag which is just lush. Buying anymore bags was a big no no for me as I have bought loads (and I mean loads) this year. So with a discount how could I hold back. Well, clearly I couldn't :)

An arduous task this week has been me trying to update my CV. Very unsuccessfully! So, this will be a task carried forward to this week, bleurgh!

When I think about this weeks happenings I could type on here forever about the ups and downs but I don't want to bore everyone. So I will end on a note that I'm grateful for a happy and healthy week gone for the 3 of us. Looking forward to next weeks challenges.

Hope everyone else is happy and healthy.

Michelle xx

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