Friday, 1 October 2010

Got to get my head round this blogging!!!!

I know I know I haven't been keeping up but I so want to! I love reading all the blogs I follow and don't understand myself sometimes. Why can't I find just a few spare moments to at least type something. I thing the real problem is that I read lots of beautiful blogs and feel just a tad intimidated. Shouldn't do really, but I do. From today I'm making a promise to myself to at least say something once a week.

First I want to change the look of my blog. Its very boring. I want to prettify it. Any help here would be appreciated. Think it will be a rolling change as I get to grasp of how to make the changes and what to change.

So, today at least I've said something. No pictures but some words have been typed.

Bye for now and I promise I will be back again this week. As I said any suggestions would be considered and I love to read any comments :) xx Take care xx


  1. hi michelle, i love reading all those blogs, but its takes a lot of time and then i think oh i'll blog tomorrow!!! but then there are more lovely blogs to read!!!
    don't feel intimidated, everyone has to start somewhere and those beautiful blogs didn't all start out that way they grew with a little love and attention and the odd helping hint along the way...
    i've just found out that you can have your comments emailed to you and have learnt how to make a header in picasa, theres lots more i'd like to say and do but its all a learning curve!!!
    if you need any help just shout
    take care

  2. hi Michelle
    Don't feel intimidated - I think what you say is more important than how a blog looks anyway!!! And I imagine finding time when you have kids isn't that easy either. Can't really offer you any tips as I'm new to it too but I look forward to reading your future posts!


  3. Thank you both of you :) Ooo how can I get my comments emailed to me? Will have to have a play around x